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Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Project

New letter regarding Antler-Lappin connection (August 12th, 2022)


I wrote to Metrolinx to reiterate my concern about the status of Antler-Lappin pedestrian connection, and to urge Metrolinx to redouble their efforts to create the connection. You can read my full letter here


Metrolinx response to Joint Letter with Councillor Ana Bailao (January 2022) 

Attached here is a response from Metrolinx to the letter that I wrote along with Deputy Mayor Bailao regarding their quiet withdrawal of the pedestrian connection at Antler-Lappin. While I am disappointed in Metrolinx’s response, and their refusal to take the initiative to complete this connection, I will continue to push for this connection to be completed. Read the letter here

Joint Letter with Councillor Ana Bailao (December 2021)

Councillor Ana Bailao and I co-signed a letter to Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster expressing our concern about the lack of progress that has been made on the Antler-Lappin pedestrian connection. Read the letter here.

Metrolinx Response re: November 2021 Letter

In December, my office received a response to the letter I sent in November to Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster following my meeting with him. Read the response here. Metrolinx has outlined its comments on Fare Integration, SmartTrack Stations, the Bell Ringing Pilot Project, Overnight Construction, and the Antler-Lappin Connection.

Meeting with Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster  (November 2021)

In November, I met with Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster to continue to raise community concerns and push for solutions. Read my follow up letter outlining what was discussed. 


Letter of Concern to Metrolinx CEO - August 13, 2021

I have written another letter to Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster sharing ongoing constituent concerns with the Davenport Diamond construction project. In the letter I address ongoing construction noise, the future of pedestrian connections and request a site visit. Read the letter here.

Update: Greenway Community Liaison Committee 

On July 20th, 2021, my staff attended the first Community Liaison Committee meeting for the Greenway component of the Davenport Diamond project. We will work to ensure that the community's views and interests are represented in these meetings, and we will also make sure that pertinent information from these meetings is disseminated to the community on an ongoing basis. 

Please find attached here the presentation boards and minutes from CLC #1. 


Update: Follow up on Noise concerns- April 16th 2021

After significant pressure from the community and from my office, Metrolinx has announced that they will be stopping construction at 12:30am every night, rather than 3am. This is a win for the community, but the demand remains that Metrolinx stop construction at 11pm so that residents can get 8 hours of peace. My office will continue to push for this, and we will be hosting a Day of Action on Tuesday, April 20th to amplify that demand.

Sign the petition here.


Update: Follow up on Noise concerns- March 29th 2021

As overnight construction continued to negatively impact the lives of residents near the Davenport Diamond project, I met with residents in March to discuss follow up, and what they would like to see from Metrolinx in terms of mitigating late night noise. It was agreed that the best thing Metrolinx could do would be to stop construction at 11pm every night. I wrote to The Minister of Transportation and Metrolinx to reiterate community concerns, and ask that they stop construction at 11pm. You can read the letter here.


Update: Noise concerns - February 2021

Following an increase in complaints about the overnight noise from construction of the Davenport Diamond project, this week I wrote to the Minister of Transportation to share those concerns and ask for the government to intervene. Drilling is now taking place six days a week, and constituents who live nearby are finding themselves unable to sleep because of the noise. I am asking the Minister to consider reducing the amount of overnight work that is being done, and to significantly reduce the limit for acceptable noise that they set for overnight construction. You can read the full letter here.


Update: Noise and Vibration concerns - April 2020

Following up on concerns I have heard from the community about noise concerns related to construction, I reached out to Metrolinx to raise it and as for an update. You can read their response here.

Overview and past developments:

Ontario, through it's regional transit agency Metrolinx, is expanding the Barrie GO rail line that runs through the western part of Davenport. That expansion will include the construction of a major rail bridge, called a guideway, over the existing CP Rail tracks, between approximately Bloor Street and Davenport Road west of Lansdowne Avenue. 

Our community has been active on this project since it was first announced, and through the hard work of individuals and local advocacy group Options for Davenport, were able to secure a number of community benefits including public realm enhancements to run beneath the raised bridge and a local GO station at Landsdowne avenue. 

As Davenport's MPP, I have been pushing the provincial government to ensure that project provides maximum benefit for our community, which stands to be significantly impacted by construction and increased rail traffic. That includes ensuring that the promised community benefits are maintained, and that the agency keeps regular, open dialogue with our community throughout the construction process.

I have also been working to keep the issue of GO electrification front and centre as this expansion takes place. The former Liberal government promised electrification by 2017, yet our community is still waiting. With the increased traffic from all-day, two-way GO expansion, it is essential that the transition to electric trains happen without further delay. Not only is it an issue of healthy air, it is also a local climate issue that must be addressed. In June, Toronto's NDP MPPs wrote to the Minister of Transportation to confirm that his government remains committed to electrification of the GO network. Read the letter here.

Following a meeting with Metrolinx representatives in early 2019, I wrote to the agency's CEO to seek assurances that public realm components would be maintained and to ask for a community meeting prior to construction:

Read my letter to the Metrolinx CEO here.

The CEO's response can be found here.

On August 20, 2019 I wrote to the Minister of Transportation to highlight our community's concerns about the status of the public realm components of this project as well as to invite her to visit the site of this major infrastructure project as work is set to begin.

Read my letter to Minister Mulroney here.

Read Minister Mulroney's response here.

In September 2019, a public art mural meant to wrap around the project was quietly canceled in order to cut costs. A community meeting and update on the project was promised for late summer or early fall but still had not occurred by November.

I raised the issue in the Legislative Assembly on November 5, 2020 calling on Metrolinx and the Ford government to re-engage the community as construction gets set to begin. Watch the video here:

Metrolinx Community Information Meeting

On November 20, 2019 Metrolinx held an open house to share information about the updated construction timeline. Information was presented on poster-boards and staff were on hand to answer questions.

Copies of the information boards can be viewed here.

Further public information on the project, including updated construction timelines, can be found on the Metrolinx website. 

I will continue to fight to make sure that this major transit expansion through the heart of our neighbourhoods benefits the people who live here. 

I welcome your feedback, ideas and inquiries on this project as work gets underway.

Email me at [email protected] or call my office at 416-535-3158.