Marit Stiles MPP for Davenport

Government of Ontario

Centering Children and Youth in Ontario's Post-Pandemic Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the life, learning and well-being of Ontario’s children, youth and young adults.

For young women and girls, Black and Indigenous youth, racialized youth, LGBTQ2S+ youth, youth with disabilities and those from low-income backgrounds, the impact has been even more pronounced.

Experts around the world are warning that without a clear plan of action to mitigate the damage to this generation there will be major consequences for our society, and our economy, for years to come.

In March 2020, Davenport MPP Marit Stiles introduced the Centering Youth in Pandemic Recovery Act to ensure that every government action related to pandemic recovery is considered for its impact on children and youth.

The bill:

  • Demands that the Premier of Ontario develop and publish a Post-Pandemic Child & Youth Action Plan in consultation with youth leaders and experts in education, child development and mental health.
  • Establishes the COVID-19 Recovery Youth Secretariat, which shall assist the Premier with the development, revision and implementation of the Post-Pandemic Child & Youth Action Plan and review legislation and regulations to determine the potential effects on the well-being of children, youth and youth adults.
  • Creates a standing committee shall be appointed to review the development, revision and implementation of the Post-Pandemic Child and Youth Action Plan every two years, review data and research conducted by the COVID-19 Recovery Youth Secretariat and report to the Legislative Assembly.

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