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Vaccine certificates keep Ontario open: NDP

Published on February 14, 2022

Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea said vaccine certificates keep Ontario open, and keep Ontarians safe — and caving to anti-vaxxers is the wrong move.

“We want Ontario to be fully open when it’s safe, and to stay that way, including restaurants and gyms, and especially schools. Vaccine certificates are helping keep everything open and protecting us all,” said Horwath. “Ending vaccine certificates is risky, and scary — for seniors, parents whose little ones are too young to get the shot and everyday folks who want to know that the person on the treadmill next to them at the gym or eating across from them at the diner are vaccinated.”

Horwath said Ford is sending a signal to anti-vaxxers and occupiers, and taking away an important incentive that encourages people to get vaccinated.

“Vaccines passports are not a restriction — unless you’re not vaccinated.

“The only people asking for passports to be cancelled are anti-vaxxers and occupiers. The request to scrap vaccine certificates isn’t coming from small businesses, health care experts, or working people. This is Doug Ford caving to anti-vax politics,” said Horwath.