Marit Stiles MPP for Davenport

Government of Ontario

Stop the cuts to public health

Doug Ford is cutting $1 billion from public health funding in Ontario and slashing public health units from 35 down to just 10. Toronto stands to lose more than any other municipality, putting vital local programs - and the health of our neighbours and families - at risk. Add your name to stop Ford's cuts or download the paper petition here.


Whereas the Ford Government is ripping 1 billion dollars from Toronto Public Health over the next 10 years; and

Whereas the cuts will threaten student breakfast programs for over 200,000 hungry kids, emergency response to public health threats like SARS, overdose prevention programs, daycare safety inspections, restaurant inspections, disease and infection outbreak prevention, sexual health clinics, and much more; and

Whereas Ontario will rack up health care costs from cutting these preventative programs that keep people healthy and out of hospitals; 

Whereas our families and loved ones deserve quality health care that keeps them safe and healthy;

Therefore, we the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to demand the government reverse the cuts to Toronto Public Health and invest in strengthening health care in Ontario.

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