Marit Stiles MPP for Davenport

Government of Ontario

Mutual Aid Groups

These groups of local volunteers are connecting those who are able to help with those who need it in new and inspiring ways.

  • Davenport Mutual Aid Network:

This is a space meant for mutual aid, where people can take care of each other. We are here to share information, resources, support, & create strategies for taking care of each other in the short term, as well as strengthening our community networks for the long term.

  • Davenport Helps

A group gathering resources and offering support to those in need in the community, especially the immunocompromised and those with mobility issues.

  • West Neighbourhood House

West Neighbourhood House is coordinating a new Mutual Aid Network in the community and they’re looking for volunteers to help provide almost any kind of help that can be done from a safe physical distance! To get involved, call (416) 532-4828, email [email protected] or visit to learn more and sign up. 


City-wide mutual aid groups:


  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association ‘Neighbourhood Helper’ 

Muslim youth offering their services to help Canadians who need assistance with picking up groceries, filling prescriptions and providing overall moral support or 1.855.435.7811 


  • KOVAD-19:  Toronto Jewish Community Response to COVID-19 

A group for sharing and organizing Toronto Jewish Community resources (eg. food, babysitting, etc.) in response to COVID-19 


  • Care-mongering Toronto - Arts / Live Events Industry 

A group, specific to arts workers, for sharing and organizing community in Toronto in response to COVID-19