Marit Stiles MPP for Davenport

Government of Ontario

Learning from the Carnation Revolution

Portugal's 1974 Carnation Revolution ended fascism in Portugal and ushered in a new democracy, and it had a ripple effect throughout the world, including with the Portuguese-Canadian diaspora here in Davenport. 

On April 23, 2020, I brought together a panel of Portuguese-Canadians with academic and lived experience related to the revolution to discuss what it means to the community and what we can learn from it today. We spoke via online video.

My guests:

Marcie Ponte, Community organiser and Executive Director of Working Women's Community Centre

Dr. Gilberto Fernandes, Professor of Portuguese Diaspora and Lusophone Studies at York University and author of This Pilgrim Nation

Ashley DaSilva, Community worker, second-generation Portuguese-Canadian (and my fantastic Constituency Assistant!) 

Listen to our full discussion here on Soundcloud: